Handmade Wedding Jewelry

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. For such a special occasion, you may want to venture away from tradition and take the opportunity to really show your personal style. As a bride to be, you’ll want everything you wear on that special day to be expressive of you. Even if you have chosen a traditional dress, you can make your look unique with non-traditional bridal jewelry. Originality is the key and one way to express your innovation is by wearing custom handmade wedding jewelry.On average, women try on over a dozen wedding dresses before they find the perfect one. Selecting jewelry to match your dress does not need to be as stressful or time-consuming. Why not say goodbye to the last-minute panic of trying to find the perfect accessories to complement your wedding dress? Instead, create your ideal bridal jewelry by working with a jewelry designer to customize it to your exact taste. Many jewelry designers provide options for personalizing your bridal jewelry when you shop online. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, simply call and discuss purchasing custom made pieces. Upon hearing your requests, they are often able to make helpful suggestions and customize the jewelry to suit your specific taste.Think about the colors have you chosen as part of your wedding theme. Wearing jewelry that ties in with these colors, rather than opting for traditional clear crystal, diamonds and white pearls is a great way to add originality to your wedding day ensemble. Crystal beads, pearls and gemstones are available in many different shades. Why not have the freedom to choose your bridal jewelry and have it made in the color of your choice? Because the pieces are typically made to order, many jewelry designers also provide you with the option of choosing between silver and gold chain, clasps and earring wires.By working with a jewelry designer, you will have freedom to customize your crystal, gemstone or pearl bridal jewelry to match your other accessories and the embellishments on your wedding dress. For instance, you may want to add a few pearls to your crystal bridal jewelry to tie in with the pearl embellishments on the dress. Your necklace can easily be sized to the perfect length, so that it hangs properly to flatter your dress and enhance your neckline. To make sure that your jewelry fits exactly as you would like, you may want to show your jewelry designer a picture of your wedding dress and provide measurements of your neckline and wrist.Look for unique jewelry that really expresses your style. After all, it is your day! Choosing handmade wedding jewelry will provide you with so many options. Instead of traditional round pearls, perhaps opt for a necklace or earrings made of square coin pearls or select pink pearls, rather than white. Freshwater pearls are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors that you are not likely to find when shopping in a department store or local bridal shop.There are no set designs or predetermined colors or stones when you choose custom made jewelry. Your vision of the perfect necklace, bracelet or earrings can easily become a reality. There is no need to settle for jewelry that is similar to what you would really like to wear. Rather, have your wedding day jewelry handmade just the way you envision it!