The Ultimate Baseball Fan Displays Loyalty on Scrub Pants, Clothing and Even Wallpaper

When it comes to being a baseball fan, there are varying degrees of team pride that go along with it. Most baseball fans prefer to catch a few games throughout the extremely long season and maybe catch some on television. They might also follow the games through the daily newspaper and talk about the games over the water cooler at work. But then there is the other end of the extreme. There are those fans that simply can’t help getting all worked up over baseball.You can always tell when a person is a baseball fanatic by what they are wearing. If you are at your doctor’s office for your annual physical and you see that the nurse who shows you to your room is wearing scrubs that have the Seattle Mariners logo on the front, she is probably a baseball fanatic. A casual baseball fan might wear a player’s jersey to the baseball game on occasion. But the die hard baseball fan with dress in a jersey and hat, carry a baseball glove, have their AM radio station blaring over their ear buds and be carrying the scorebook for that particular game. These fans absolutely love their sport and are dedicated to their team through thick and thin. Fans like these are not fair weather fans by any means. They thoroughly enjoy America’s greatest pastime and take great pride in simply watching their team play the game.Some fans go way beyond dressing for the game and carry their loyalty into their homes. Some decorate an entire room or even their entire house devoted to their favorite team. If this fan happens to be a doctor or a nurse, they might even wear scrubs unisex tall to work with their teams’ logo on their shirt and even their shoes. You would be surprised at the amount of accessories that you can purchase that have your favorite baseball team’s logo displayed all over them. You can buy anything from furniture to clothes to toys or even wallpaper.If you are a baseball fanatic, then more power to you. Enjoy yourself and your favorite pastime and show off your team pride whenever you get the chance. Fans like you generally make each home game much more enjoyable for those of us around you. You tend to have an aura that generates a good feeling in everyone sitting nearby. So go on and root for your team. And don’t worry about wearing your teams stretch scrub pants to bed every night. We won’t tell anyone!